There is no shortage of rules to follow including the Ten Commandments, the Twelve Steps of Recovery, and many others - but the rules that I completely understand come from famed poet and author Dr. Maya Angelou, and they are:

1.       Just do Right;

2.       The most essential of these ‘right’ things is to find Courage;


3.       Use the Courage to find and have self-love;


4.       Self-love makes laughing nearly unavoidable – laugh often;


5.       Become a blessing to others;


6.       Being a Blessing to others helps turn struggles into triumphs;


7.       Some struggles of triumph include the desire to learn, know, and practice many forms of Courage;


8.       Discern what to just ‘learn’ from what to ‘learn and practice’ wisely – life has a bundle of limited resources surrounded by unlimited needs and requires learning to say No; 


9.       Do your best in those things you say Yes-to, which doesn’t include everything that you don’t explicitly say No-to;


10.     Keep Rising.


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