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55-Year-Old Ink, on Paper

   In a concise 77 pages, Harris takes on a male ‘bare-essentials’ preview of the ideas of courage, calmness, attention, intelligence, trust, perception, getting-along, acceptance, change, grief, certainty, discrimination, forgiveness, active efforts, leadership, and victory.

   The generally short chapters provide the analogy and reflection of a disabled male high school dropout who ends up taking a trip to law school after finally hearing a diagnosis at 49 years-old.

   Harris uses experiences distilled from filling more than 40 positions, living in at least 30 different residences across 13 states so far in his lifetime. His insights as a three-time honorably discharged veteran, a minor legal researcher, and even as a survivor of a woman’s literature class also are felt.

   The book is short, to the point, and is filled with Harris’ in-your-face relevant examples that help Harris and others to consider some answers to problems that may work best at this time.

Life's Instructions that I Left in the Box

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