Acceptance is like Rationalizing, except without the worry, anxiety, and  stress that rationalizing causes. 


If you are one of those faking-it-till-you-make-it people then you really are paying over and over for not taking the time to learn more about acceptance (and the people who secretly cringe and deal with you on a daily basis could be paying too).


There are three


Most people consider the courage needed to do anything as coming from the same pot of courage to do everything else, but that is not the case.  Courage is subject dependent and not genetic.  There are plenty of brave astronauts who have the courage to fly into space but may not have courage  in baseball or water-skiing.  Courage isn't found either; courage comes from performing acts that seem brave at the time, after learning, training and practicing a subject.


There are three


All changes involve grieving, even good changes.  The sole purpose of the brain is to survive, meaning being able to find certainty by predicting what changes have in store for the future. 


Of course this isn't easy, and most of the time the brain can be a lousy fortune-teller, but understanding the relationship between change and grieving is a good way to be prepared to help the brain get it right a little more often.


Are you trying to help a hopeless rationalizer but would be content now simply finding the point that you can cut bait and walk away guilt free?  Walking away takes courage, and courage is learned one topic at a time with one action at a time. 


If that special someone can't find the courage to change here, you can definitely find the courage to finally show them the door here!



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